The Catching Snowflakes platter set includes SEVEN 7 cutters. Use with your own snowflake cutters to scatter around the platter as if he is catching one on his tongue. Change it up with a snowball fight! Any way you decorate him it'll be fun!

Cookies decorated by the wonderful Diana (@avacustomsweets on instagram)


  1. Arm  - 3 x 1.75"
  2. Foot - 3 x 1.5"
  3. Leg - 2.25 x 1"
  4. Belly - 3.5 x 3"
  5. Carrot Nose - 2.25 x 1"
  6. Open Mouth/Tongue - 2.5 x 2.25"
  7. Head - 4.25 x 3.5"


Cut 2 arm shapes; flip 1 before baking
Cut 2 foot shapes; flip 1 before baking
Cut 2 leg shapes; flip 1 before baking
Cut 1 each of the belly, carrot nose, mouth/tongue and head shapes. 


Hand wash only in warm, soapy water. These cutters are not dishwasher safe as they can melt and warp the design. Basically, keep away from high heat or bad things happen to good cutters.

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