As of 5/6/20 over 6,000 ear savers have been donated to people in need. THANK YOU!! 

This form is for donation requests of up to 200 items for essential workers in the United States. For bulk requests of 250+, please use this option.

immacookiebaker is offering ear savers in quantities of 200 or less to essential workers - front liners, health care workers and first responders - in the United States for FREE.  Your donation requests are added to the print queue in the order they are received.  Expect at least 10 business days processing for your donation request. 

Ear savers are helpful for alleviating chafing and ear stress when masks are worn for long periods of time. Ear savers are also helpful for children and young adults to pull the mask tighter to the face and extenders are helpful for people with hearing aids.


Place elastic around loops and position ear saver in a comfortable position behind the head or at nape of neck. Loop as many times as needed to pull mask tight.  


Wash with soap and warm water or wipe with disinfectant cloth. NOT dishwasher or washing machine safe. Do not expose to high heat.  May be briefly heated with hair dryer to help form ear saver to head shape. Avoid overheating or item will become brittle and may break. 

 how to position an ear saver - immacookiebaker.composition of ear saver - immacookiebaker.comear saver thank you note -

If you would like to donate toward printing/shipping expenses select from one of the Venmo or PayPal Donation options below. Your donations are appreciated and help keep me printing so I can send the ear savers to our essential workers. THANK YOU!

Venmo - @Dina-Schliecker

Donate $5 
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Please note customization such as names or special designs are not possible. Popular filament colors such as black are in short supply. Colors of ear savers will vary. I understand some organizations have strict guidelines to follow. My hope is the color of the item is not such an issue that you are still able to use them on site.  

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