HI! it's ME! immacookiebaker (Dina)


I'm Dina. Owner, Baker and Maker at immacookiebaker.  Burned out from years of road warrior corporate travel as a healthcare software implementation consultant and project manager I found a local, no travel job (YAY!) No travel meant FREE TIME!! I like free time. But I also don't like to be idle for too long. So, I started looking for a new hobby to fill my new found free time. After reading several cute cake decorating blogs I dabbled in making cakes and cupcakes.  One day in a search for cake decorating I happened upon THE cutest cookie decorating blog and that's when everything changed. I immersed myself in everything cookie. I read all the blogs. I joined all the forums. I tried every recipe & technique. I bought ALL the supplies! I fell in love with cookie decorating and I made cookies for everything. Even a software upgrade for over 50 physician offices! It's hard to be stressed when eating a cookie. ;-) It's also hard to believe my cookier journey started 10 yrs ago!

I LOVE to craft and have dabbled in quite a few things. But I fell in love with the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and software. I've been making my own stencils for many years. And, a few years ago I started creating my own 3D printed cookie cutters!  Then, one day someone asked for a custom cutter, then another, then stencils & so on and that's how this shop started.

Running this little shop definitely keeps me busy and I THANK YOU for that! I love what I do and I hope you love the items that I make for you. 



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